The PLS team consists of Senior Level Technical and or Management individuals with Backgrounds from NSSS OEM Vendors; Utilities; Balance of Plant; and/or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  PLS provides exceptional Engineering services and Major Project support, including Turnkey Implementation; Managed Tasks; Independent Assessments/Third Party Reviews to meet the needs of our customers.  PLS provides expertise and experience in Nuclear Plant Engineering, Project Management, Nuclear Safety and Licensing, and Operations.  We support our clients by utilizing resources with Technical, Regulatory, and Program-Specific experience.

Specialized Consulting Services

  • Third Party Reviews/Owners Reviews
  • Vendor Design Reviews
  • Independent Assessments*
  • Strategic Planning for Major Equipment Upgrades
  • Subject Matter Expert Support (SMEs)
  • Root Cause Evaluations/Validations
  • Design Verification*
  • Corrective Action Programs

Engineering and Operational Services

  • License Renewal/Subsequent License Renewal*
  • Design Basis*
  • New Plant Engineering*
  • New Plant Programs
  • Plant Uprates
  • Design Changes
  • 50.59 Support
  • Cyber Security
  • Beyond Design Basis
  • EOP/ERGS Procedure Development
  • I&C Design
  • Improved Technical Specification (ITS) Implementation
  • Component Function Database
  • Environmental Qualification (EQ)
  • Setpoint Services
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Preventative/Predictive Maintenance
  • Procedure Upgrade
  • Corrective Action Resolution

Nuclear Safety and Licensing Services

  • Operating Plant Licensing (Part 50)
  • New Plant Licensing (Part 52)*
  • ITAAC Support*
  • Licensing Validation and Verification*
  • License Amendment Request Services (LARs)
  • Technical Specifications

Regulatory Support

  • NRC Confirmatory Order(s)
  • Problem Identification and Resolution Inspection
  • NRC Supplemental Inspections
  • Regulatory Response Support
  • Major Component Licensing
  • I&C Licensing
  • Licensing Strategic Planning
  • Licensing Processes/Procedures
  • Regulatory Interpretation
  • ISFSI Licensing

Nuclear Promise

  • Enhanced Utility Long Term Planning Process
  • Fleet Wide Process Standarization
  • Processes and Procedures Cost Improvement Initiative
  • Risk Based Decision Analysis